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Repurposing Shipping Container

Shipping container architecture is slowly making its way in the mainstream architecture and design. As a result, a lot of business owners are already considering in utilizing this rather inventive and cost efficient alternative in building their brick-and-mortar business. Evidently enough, from houses to offices; schools to establishments, portable toilets to pop-up stores, these discarded [...]

10 Must-Have Tools Inside Your Car

In most cases, cars break down in the most unexpected time and place, be it a simple flat tire or a busted alternator. Drag, isn’t it? It could get worse, especially if you’re not prepared enough for such car troubles. Blaming the car or even yourself won’t make the poor vehicle start. As a safety [...]

Although the convenience of using hydraulic-driven pumps comes in various forms, there are times that it still needs an assisting equipment in order to maximize their use of certain other tasks. Most of these gear add-ons serve as an extension or an extra limb to perform a specific tool’s secondary operation apart from its specific [...]

In all its basic form, the hydraulic spreader is arguably the most versatile tools there is. Its capability to be employed to nearly all forms of industrial tasks makes this underdog attachment transcend among in the fields of manufacturing, mechanics, construction and even in the domestic arena. The hydraulic spreader In essence, functions by inserting [...]

Tough Tool Talk: Automotive Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders are one of the staple components that can be seen in various industrial workplaces merely because of its versatility and solid resistance. Mechanical, agricultural, manufacturing and construction employ this hydraulic attachment as an aid for almost any required single-acting hydraulic tasks when attached to a specific reciprocating engine or frame machines. Hydraulic cylinders, [...]

What Makes Hydraulic Tools Standout?

There’s no wonder why most large scale construction sites, automechanic buffs and DIY enthusiasts rather choose hydraulic tools over pneumatic and mechanical equipment. For one thing, the efficiency when it comes to all-around performance is remarkable. Along with this, hydraulic tools can be a contractor’s savior in the event that electric and gas sources are [...]

Preventing Hydraulic Pump Failure

The hydraulic pump life is the main vessel of any hydraulic tools and equipment and machineries such as rams, presses, cylinders and pullers by basically converting mechanical power to hydraulic energy. Without the aid of this chunk of formidable equipment, large scale hydraulic tasks such as lifting, pressure holding, pushing, pulling and pressing would be [...]

Tough Tool Talk: Impact Wrenches

Tightening, loosening and fastening tasks often use socket tools such as ratchet, swivel head, flex-head and click type. Although effective and can get the job done, socket wrenches like these require a large chunk of exerted force and pressure to ensure well-tightened nuts and bolts. Thank the power tool gods, impact wrenches were invented to [...]

How to Change Oil for Your Hydraulic Jacks

Basically, fluid – particularly oil – is the main lifeline of every reliable hydraulic jack, be it bottle jacks or service jacks. It is what pushes the pistons upwards to do the heavy lifting. Without oil, it won’t be able to perform its usual tasks of lifting heavy loads, that’s why always make it a point [...]

Lifting heavy loads require heavy-duty jacks. And what better jack could do the job than journal jacks! That’s why today, we’re focusing on the efficiency of this tenacious tool in terms of usage. Journal jacks are industrial lifting equipment used for lifting, positioning and adjustment of heavy loads as well as for pushing and applying [...]