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Empty Basement: From Creepy to Cozy

Aside from being an extension to your closet, laundry area and storage or worse, the musty, flooded part of your house where the center of creepiness situates, there are a lot of things you may consider doing to maximize this unused space – maybe a gym, a den, man-cave, a kid’s playroom, whatever floats your [...]

10 Must-Have Tools Inside Your Car

In most cases, cars break down in the most unexpected time and place, be it a simple flat tire or a busted alternator. Drag, isn’t it? It could get worse, especially if you’re not prepared enough for such car troubles. Blaming the car or even yourself won’t make the poor vehicle start. As a safety [...]

5 Must-Have Garage Equipment

There’s a reason why house garages were built. Aside from putting a roof under your sleek ride’s head, it is where DIY stuff, as well as basic automotive and house repairs usually happen. Ergo, it’s more than just a parking lot or a place for stockpiling old photo albums, boxes full of chinaware and beat-up [...]