hydraulic Jacks

House Jacking: Why Do It?

Apart from moving to another town, there are a lot of advantages that you could exploit in jacking your house. On the other hand, a lot of homeowners are initially “bullied” by just how costly and the inconvenience that it can bring to the whole family. That aside, house jacking is a very important measure [...]

When it comes to car maintenance, it seems that tire replacement is one of the most things that car owners always take for granted. It’s quite understandable, since car tires are not cheap, and oftentimes confusing. On the other hand, keep in mind that this component is responsible for keeping your ride comfortable, efficient and [...]

Hydraulic jacks are sturdy and formidable enough to lift your ride. Heck, this small, close to invulnerable tool can even suspend your humble abode with just a couple cranks-‘n-pumps. But like all things, these tough tools are still prone to damages no matter how impregnable these things are. As said a while ago, it is [...]

Preventing Hydraulic Pump Failure

The hydraulic pump life is the main vessel of any hydraulic tools and equipment and machineries such as rams, presses, cylinders and pullers by basically converting mechanical power to hydraulic energy. Without the aid of this chunk of formidable equipment, large scale hydraulic tasks such as lifting, pressure holding, pushing, pulling and pressing would be [...]

How to Change Oil for Your Hydraulic Jacks

Basically, fluid – particularly oil – is the main lifeline of every reliable hydraulic jack, be it bottle jacks or service jacks. It is what pushes the pistons upwards to do the heavy lifting. Without oil, it won’t be able to perform its usual tasks of lifting heavy loads, that’s why always make it a point [...]

Jacked Up 101

Hydraulic and mechanical jacks equate to heavy lifting of various kinds. Although considered as multi-purpose, most of us misuse this “jack-of-all-trades” tool (pun intended) by flagrantly disregarding its weight limit. That’s why in today’s blog post, we will be discussing the different types of these heavy-duty lifting equipment, as well as their respective weight limit [...]