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House Jacking: Why Do It?

Apart from moving to another town, there are a lot of advantages that you could exploit in jacking your house. On the other hand, a lot of homeowners are initially “bullied” by just how costly and the inconvenience that it can bring to the whole family. That aside, house jacking is a very important measure [...]

Tough Tool Talk: Rollers

Industrial, automotive and construction fields are often associated with state of the art machineries, heavy-duty equipment and solid gears that can pass within the test of time and abuse, primarily to assist us in getting the job done and right. More often than not, it takes a lot of time, effort and utter care for [...]

Empty Basement: From Creepy to Cozy

Aside from being an extension to your closet, laundry area and storage or worse, the musty, flooded part of your house where the center of creepiness situates, there are a lot of things you may consider doing to maximize this unused space – maybe a gym, a den, man-cave, a kid’s playroom, whatever floats your [...]

The wheel is probably the oldest and the most profound, important invention of our lifetime. And since its discovery that can be traced way back as early as the Mesopotamian Civilization, it has evolved into what it is today. And thanks to John Boyd Dunlop, the development of modern tires greatly contributed in the efficiency [...]